This year's trophy for the CEE Cup was made by Martin Bundil, likely the most known artistic blacksmith in the Czech Republic.

"For a long time we tried to involve Martin in our project, because we were excited from his work and I must say that he confirmed his reputation also for this year of our tournament" said Roberto De Blasio, Tournament's Director.

Martin didn't make only the CEE Cup's trophy, but also forged the 13 plaques for the winning teams and the best players.


A few questions for Martin Bundil

We asked Martin a few questions about his work and being part of the CEE Cup

1) Martin, what were your first thoughts when we contacted you about the CEE Cup trophies?
I was excited, especially because I got a lot of freedom from the organizer to create something unique and original. My main inspiration was the tournament's logo as I tried to make its 3D version. I appreciate being part of such a big international event and the trophy definitely fits the tournament's dimensions.

2) What does the trophy embody?
The trophy represents the beauty of athleticism and artistic smithery through the CEE Cup logo.

3) Did you have any concrete ideas or expectations of what the trophy should look like?
I have created some sort of an idea what the trophy would be like pretty quickly. I wanted it to be stable but also to look impressive.

4) How long did it take you to create the trophy and what is it made of?
The trophy with the other awards took about one month total and I truly believe the results are worth it.


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