Specials projects

On the wings of victory

The sculpture/trophy was created by the Italian sculptor Christian Loretti, with a bronze casting bracket on a model made ​​of wax.

The trophy embodies the synergy of the strength, rhythm and freedom of the athlete.

In the bronze, yet still vibrant, structure, the artist celebrates the harmonious weaving of broken lines and curves, which perfectly show the structural tension and emotional integrity that brings about the balance of creation, caught just as the athlete is about to break and send the ball into the goal. In fact, the figure hidden in the rear view is the gesture of a hyperdynamic gunner‘s body on a crucial blow.

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Official FIFA Referees Seminar

For the first time in its history the CEE Cup will have the participation of International Referees.

Together with the Czech Football Federation , the CEE Cup organizers will give the chance to those referees to take part to an Official FIFA Seminar under the supervision of a FIFA Referee Instructor.

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Tournament theme song WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER

Every year we try to find new ways how to increase our help to UNICEF and for this year’s edition we decided to team up with singer Tonya Graves and prepare a CD with a song that will serve also as a ticket for the final match of the tournament .

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