Dynamo Kyiv fight fearlessly but ultimately tie against Slavia, missing their ticket to the final

24.07.2022 19:30


Slavia Prague play Dynamo Kyiv in a match that will decide which of them can get the winning ticket for the final against the Brazilians of Palmeiras. Going into the match, Slavia has a tally of two goals for and one against, while Dynamo has one for and none against. As such, the only result available to the Ukrainians is a victory if they want to continue their adventure, but for Slavia a simple tie will suffice. Who will manage to realize their dream of making it to the final and who will instead fall?

The first ten minutes of the match revealed that it would be a cagey affair, with both teams not wanting to risk much. As such, the level of excitement was wanting, with no real chances of note if not for a moment at the 5th for Dynamo, but the keeper eliminated the threat by coming out of his box and clearing the ball. The next moment of note was a low cross over the small box at the 17th by Dynamo, but nothing came of it. At the 25th Tsarenko let off a nice shot from outside the box, but it went just over the crossbar. Three minutes later, Lopatar was given a yellow card after trying to stop an attack. It was at the 32nd that everything changed thanks to Slesar's goal, which put Dynamo in the lead. The Ukrainians then tried to double their score at the 34th, first with Yatsyk and right after with Dzen. The second goal did come, though, at the 37th after a beautiful collective play by Dynamo ended with Yatsyk placing a low cut shot into the left hand corner. The last three minutes, plus two of injury time, provided nothing more in terms of chances or goals.

Slavia faced an uphill battle going into the second half. To keep their hopes alive they needed to score quickly and then press on for another. As such, it was no surprise that they came out swinging, but their attempts at attacking were thwarted by a careful Dynamo defense and a pinch of bad luck. However, lady luck finally smiled at the Czechs, first at the 54th with Dufek, who dribbled past the defense inside the box and scored the first goal, and a mere minute later with Hajek, who found the tying goal with a wonderful solo play that was capped with a superb shot into the back of the net. At that point, Slavia tried to press on more to find the winning goal to no avail. In fact, it was Dynamo who created the next real chance at the 67th with Matkevych after a nice play inside the box. The Ukrainians did find the back of the net again at the 70th after Benediuk found Tsarenko all alone inside the box, but he was judged to be offside and the goal was disallowed, much to the relief of the Czechs. After that, Dynamo wasn't able to really create much more, and the match ended with Slavia having the last chance with a header in the dying seconds.

Both teams played splendidly, giving us perhaps the most exciting match of the tournament yet. Dynamo closed the first half with a two goal lead, seemingly the stronger of the two, but then things turned around with an incredible two minutes that saw Slavia tie up things. Though the Ukrainians did score another goal, it was no more than a heartbreaking mirage because of the player's offside position. The Czechs, in the end, gave a great collective display of resilience and determination that, although didn't give them the win, was enough to see them through to their very first CEE Cup final. Dynamo goes back home with a bitter taste in their mouths but with their heads held high as they made a troubled nation proud.
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Match report CEE Cup 2022

CEE Cup 2022 - Group Phase

SK Slavia Praha - FC Dynamo Kyiv 2:2 (0:2)

#6, 24.07.2022 17:30 | Prague, Velký stadion Strahov Stadium

Referee: Marvin SCHORIES (DEU) 1st Assistant referee: Tamás KREITL (HUN)
2nd Assistant referee: Kevin LINN (HUN) 4th Official: Sander HUIJS (NLD)
SK Slavia Praha (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB YC RC
1 GK David TOMAS 23/02/2005
6 DF Mikuláš KONEČNÝ 02/06/2006
19 DF David BERÁNEK 08/08/2004
4 DF Kryštof PANČEV 01/12/2005
3 MF Zachary PARPEL 10/09/2005
14 MF Adam ZELENKA 15/09/2005
8 MF Jakub LOPATÁŘ (c) 10/03/2005 30'
5 MF Jakub DUFEK 27/02/2006
16 FW Noah RANDAZOO 05/02/2004 34'
21 FW David HÁJEK 05/06/2006
10 FW David MIKULANDA 18/04/2005
29 GK Adam REZEK 21/11/2005
2 DF Filip KOLÁŘ 06/06/2005 81'
22 DF Ondřej KOPECKÝ 08/03/2005
9 FW Tomáš JELÍNEK 27/12/2005
15 DF Štěpán FIKER 31/01/2005
20 MF David PLANKA 28/07/2005 84'
13 MF Jakub HAUSMAN 25/09/2005
7 FW Daniel TOULA 19/02/2005
11 MF Štěpán VAIGL 06/07/2005
Team staff
Milan TITĚRA (Head Coach)
Milan ČERNÝ (Assistant Coach)
Denis LUKSÍK (Goalkeeper's Coach)
David TOMAS (Physiotherapist)
Barbora ŠURÝNOVÁ (Physiotherapist)
David BUJNOVSKÝ (Physical Trainer)
No. Min. No. Min.
5 55'    
21 57'    
Out In Min.
14 7 41'
19 20 41'
16 15 41'
10 22 55'
5 9 66'
8 2 73'
21 11 80'
FC Dynamo Kyiv (4-5-1)
No. Pos. Player DoB YC RC
1 GK Dmytro POHORILYI 11/12/2004
4 DF Anton BOL 08/01/2003
8 DF Artem BENEDIUK 27/02/2004 59'
17 DF Arsenii FILATOV 20/02/2004
20 DF Oleksiy GUSIEV 16/03/2005
6 MF Oleksandr YATSYK (c) 03/01/2003
22 MF Roman SALENKO 18/05/2005
10 MF Anton TSARENKO 17/06/2004
13 FW Dmytrii KREMCHANIN 22/03/2005 40'
7 FW Artem SLESAR 12/12/2004
23 FW Mykyta DZEN 09/03/2005
12 GK Yurii AVRAMENKO 21/01/2005
19 FW Andrii MATKEVYCH 11/01/2005
9 FW Ihor HORBACH 27/05/2004
11 MF Artem HROKHOLSKYI 12/05/2005
16 DF Danila TSILYK 31/01/2005
27 MF Maksym TETERIA 20/05/2004
28 DF Danil BILOKON 14/08/2005
14 FW Arsenii KILIEVYI 05/02/2004
5 MF Nazar YANCHYSHYN 26/01/2005
3 DF Nazar BALABA 01/08/2022
18 DF Yehor SYZONIUK 09/09/2005
21 MF Maksym VASYLETS 15/08/2005
Team staff
Ihor KOSTIUK (Head Coach)
Sergii FEDOROV (Assistant Coach)
Oleh VENHLINSKYI (Assistant Coach)
Oleksandr MOROZ (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Yaroslav OSTROUSHKO (Physiotherapist)
Hennadii KOSTIUK (Physiotherapist)
Danylo ROMANOV (Physician)
Serhiy MOKHNYK (Executive)
Oleksandr BARABANOV (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
7 31'    
6 37'    
Out In Min.
7 19 41'
22 11 47'
23 9 51'
4 3 57'
13 21 60'
20 16 71'

CEE Cup 2022 - Group Phase

SK Slavia Praha - FC Dynamo Kyiv 2:2 (0:2)

#6, 24.07.2022 17:30 | Prague, Velký stadion Strahov Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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