25.03.2020 17:00

On the road to be a Toffies star. Ancelotti granted Gordon his first chance in the Premier League

When blessed with a great amount of talent, it is only a matter of time before you will make it to the big stage. Case in point for Everton's midfielder Anthony Gordon, the best player of the 2017 CEE Cup, who has gradually risen in the...

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13.03.2020 08:30

Čvančara, currently on fire at Vyšehrad, dreams of returning to Italy

Tomáš Čvančara had his chance to shine at the 2017 CEE Cup, where he showcased all his class and ferocity, earning him his first foray abroad, in Italy. He thus joined the Empoli Academy, where the former 'Slavista' improved his skills...

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05.03.2020 08:00

Former CEE Cup stars trade jerseys. Kühn moved to Bayern, Mustedanagić returned home to Bosnia

Some players who dazzled spectators at the prestigious CEE Cup youth tournament in years past are now trying to make their mark on the international scene. Several talents from the Prague event have now found new homes as they’ve moved to new...

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04.03.2020 13:00

Back in the Czechia! Mészáros returns as a Slovak champion and beaten by Hungary

Karol Mészáros was just a teenager playing for ŠK Slovan Bratislava when he visited the Czech Republic for the very first edition of the CEE Cup. Back in 2011, he wowed the Czech public with his goals, which earned him the title of top goal scorer...

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02.03.2020 19:30

Is Zirkzee the new Lewandowski? The Dutchman is assisting Bayern in going after the title

A mere 18 years of age and towering 193 centimeters in height – this is Joshua Zirkzee, one of Bayern Munich's recent additions. The talented striker, now showcasing his talents with the Bavarian team, first graced the CEE Cup as an Everton...

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