It is essential to compete and compare

30.07.2019 08:35

I am glad that I can be an ambassador of the CEE Cup, because I think that such tournament for older youths or junior category is unprecedented in our country. I know it was not an easy endeavor, as I have spoken many time with Robert De Blasio, the Tournament Director, and I saw just how much effort he has put into it to make it happen. From the perspective of an U18 national coach, there are a lot of interesting players in both our teams.

It is vital to be able to compete and compare oneself to other players to improve. On the one hand, in the CEE Cup, you can see how the boys can compare themsleves with foreign football players; at the same time, the tournament is very difficult in this hot weather and the matches go relatively quickly. It is a smaller copy of other challenging tournaments that are hoping to find players for the national team.

Jan Suchopárek, coach of the Czech national team U18 and ambassador of the CEE Cup
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