Palmeiras defeat a valiant Sparta Prague to win their second CEE Cup

30.07.2019 20:00


After the exciting group phase and ranking matches, the CEE Cup came to a close today with the much anticipated Final match between last year’s winners, Palmeiras, and the home team of Sparta Prague. The Brazilians sailed through Group B with ease, winning all three games. As for the Czechs, the road to Dolicek was slightly more complicated. In fact, they won their first match in Group A but then lost their second one, though they ultimately managed to get their own ‘ticket’ to the Final after a nail-biting finale that saw Shakhtar Donetsk lose to Besiktas and Sparta Prague win against Dinamo Zagreb in the last game of the group. The question now was, “Who would walk away with the trophy?” To be sure, Sparta had conceded less goals thus far (only 3 against Palmeiras’ 4). On the other hand, Palmeiras not only led in goals scored (12 against Sparta’s 5), but they also counted the top goal scorer of the tournament (Fabricio). So, would the best defense manage to stop the best attack, or would the Brazilians prove too formidable a force even for the Czechs of Sparta?

It took no more than 15 seconds after the start of the first half before the Brazilians were already knocking at Sparta’s door. It was Lucas Hian who started it all when he served a nice assist into the area to Fabricio, but his shot ended up just wide of the left hand post. Four minutes later, Gabriel Goes picked up a deflected ball inside the area and, all alone, let off a shot through the Czech defense, but Benada was good at punching it away. At the 7th minute, Geovane stopped a promising run by Sparta down the left hand side of the pitch – the foul earned him the first yellow card of the match. The resulting free kick for Sparta saw a cross into the middle be cleared out of the box by the keeper, Leandro, who just managed to beat the incoming Czech forward to the ball. The first substitution of the match came at the 11th, when Geovane seemingly pulled a muscle and was forced to leave the pitch for Guilherme. The next ten minutes or so saw Sparta try to advance forward, getting into the Brazilian area a few times and even obtaining some corner kicks, but they were unable to really come close to scoring. After the 25th minute, though, Palmeiras grab the reins of the match and did not let go, creating havoc in and around Sparta’s box. At the 34th, an amazing shot by Joao Felipe from the left hand corner of the box was denied a goal by the crossbar. Two minutes later, Gabriel Goes tried his own shot from just outside the box, but this time it went directly into the keeper’s hands. At the 37th, Cordeiro made a run down the right hand side, into the box, and attempted a shot from a very difficult angle, but the ball was once again stopped by the crossbar. After that, things started to get a little heated, as evidenced first by the small spat at the 41st between Gabriel Goes and Karabec, and then at the 46th, when Sejk was a bit too aggressive in trying to get the ball back off one Palmeiras player and then another, causing a kerfuffle that was immediately broken up by the referee.

The second half started with a yellow card for Cejka after two minutes, when he cut down Joao Felipe as he made a run towards the box. Gabriel Goes took the free kick, from the left hand side of the box, but his shot was saved. At the 50th, Palmeiras finally broke through when Gabriel Goes let off a shot from outside the box, which was somehow picked up by Fabricio, who scored an easy goal up close. Three minutes later, Joao Felipe was served a great through ball assist into the box, but his shot was neutralized by the keeper – same outcome for Vanderlan’s shot from far out a minute later. At this point, the match became a one way affair for the next ten minutes or so, with the Brazilians pressing high and scaring the Czech defense repeatedly. It was not over yet for Sparta, though, as they started to push back and, at the 63rd, they went really close to tying things up – Silhart got away down the right hand side of the pitch and passed the ball to Kozak in the middle of the area who, instead of taking a shot served an assist to Pudhorocky, who was then closed down by the Brazilian defender. Five minutes later the Czechs had another chance on a free kick, but Karabec’s shot, though powerful and perfectly aimed at the top left hand corner of the goal, was put out for a corner with a great save by Leandro. At the 79th, Sparta tried again with a nice play initiated by Silhart, who passed the ball to Blaha, who then served an assist to Kozak, but his shot was ultimately too central and Leandro caught it with ease. Unfortuantely, though, Sparta’s efforts would not be rewarded – to the contrary. In fact, the Brazilians found their second and winning goal at the 85th, and what a fantastic goal at that. Rian Roberto let off a powerful shot from the right hand side against which Benada was unable to do anything. In the last five minutes, plus in the six added as overtime, things began to get heated once more, with many spats breaking out here and there, but the final whistle brought an end to all that.

The 9th edition of the CEE Cup truly was a success for every football lover out there. The level and quality of all the teams involved was simply spectacular, with the cherry on top that was the Final. Despite what many may have thought going into this match, the Brazilians ended up having to fight hard to come away with their second CEE Cup. In fact, Sparta played a great game, defending well and attacking with no fear. In the end, though they might have deserved a little more for their efforts, they were unable to make their many supporters present today happy, but they surely made them proud. Yes, proud, because they probably knew they weren’t the favorites on paper, but they nevertheless gave it their all. In the end, the Czechs consoled themselves with the Best Player of the Tournament award, which Karabec won. As for Palmeiras, what more do I need to add? They showcased the most amazing football of the tournament for the second year in a row and came away with the trophy and the top goal scorer.
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Match report CEE Cup 2019

CEE Cup 2019 - Final

AC Sparta Praha - SE Palmeiras 0:2 (0:0)

#16, 30.07.2019 18:00 | Prague, Stadion Ďolíček Stadium

Referee: Sándor SZŰCS (HUN) 1st Assistant referee: Björn BEHRENS (DEU)
2nd Assistant referee: Gábor BÜKI (HUN) 4th Official: Patrick HERBACH (DEU)
AC Sparta Praha (4-5-1)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Adam BENADA 20/03/2001
12 DF Martin VITÍK 21/01/2003
6 DF Martin SUCHOMEL 11/09/2002
3 DF Iva GELASHVILI (c) 08/04/2001
17 DF Felix ČEJKA 01/01/2001 47'
10 MF Petr PUDHOROCKÝ 13/06/2001 88'
4 MF Tomáš JONÁŠ 28/05/2001
8 MF Adam KARABEC 02/07/2003
11 FW Matyáš KOZÁK 04/05/2001
7 MF Michal SZEWIECZEK 27/03/2001
9 FW Václav SEJK 18/05/2002 45+1'
13 DF Adam BORKOVEC 02/03/2002
20 MF David HOLOUBEK 19/06/2002
18 MF Tomáš SCHÁNĚLEC 20/06/2002
16 MF Vojtěch LUKAVSKÝ 13/06/2002
19 MF Václav BLÁHA 25/01/2001
15 MF Filip ŠILHART 17/03/2002
22 GK Jakub TUMA 17/05/2002
Team staff
Jan KOPAŇKO (Head Coach)
Pavel ČUNÁT (Assistant Coach)
Michal HLADÍK (Assistant Coach)
Peter BARTALSKÝ (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Karel LIEBL (Physiotherapist)
Tomáš HAŠLER (Physical Trainer)
Ondřej HROCH (Physician)
Josef KOTĚRA (Coordinator)
No. Min. No. Min.
Out In Min.
17 15 51'
9 19 65'
SE Palmeiras (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Leandro Matheus DOS ANJOS CONCEIÇÃO OLIVEIRA 28/01/2001 75'
13 DF Marcio Gleyson LEITE DA SILVA 07/07/2001
6 DF Vanderlan BARBOSA DA SILVA 07/09/2002
4 DF Geovane DE JESUS ROCHA 31/07/2001 8'
2 DF Lucas Hian VALVERDE DE JESUS 11/01/2001
8 MF Gabriel Góes DA SILVA CAVALCANTI 08/05/2001
15 MF Danilo DOS SANTOS DE OLIVEIRA 29/04/2001
11 FW João Felipe ESTEVAM AGUIAR 24/06/2001
9 FW Fabricio DO NASCIMENTO BIATO 23/02/2001
7 FW Lucas Cordeiro FERREIRA 11/06/2001 45+1'
14 GK Mateus OLIVEIRA MENDES 02/05/2002
5 MF Geilson CERQUEIRA ALMEIDA 15/06/2001 78'
3 DF Guilherme DE JESUS MATOS 18/11/2001 43'
16 FW Gustavo Samuel PERALTA GIMENEZ 11/06/2001
17 FW Rian Roberto DA SILVA SANTOS 24/05/2001 86'
18 MF Marcelo José DE LIMA FILHO 11/12/2002
Team staff
Gilmey Aymberê BORGES (Head Coach)
Lucas Vinicius OLIVEIRA DO NASCIMENTO (Physical Trainer)
Paulo José GOMES PUCCINELLI (Physician)
Eduardo WANDERLEIZ BATISTA (Coordinator)
Guilherme MARTINEZ CAMARGO (Scout)
Nilton Mariano DOS SANTOS (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
9 50'    
17 85'    
Out In Min.
4 3 11'
6 5 65'
7 18 73'
8 16 75'
11 17 79'

CEE Cup 2019 - Final

AC Sparta Praha - SE Palmeiras 0:2 (0:0)

#16, 30.07.2019 18:00 | Prague, Stadion Ďolíček Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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