A thrilling match between Turks and Ukrainians ends with a riveting penalty shootout

29.07.2019 19:15


The final match of the day, which would assign the 5th and 6th places respectively, was between Shakhtar Donetsk and Altinordu. For the Turks, their return to the CEE Cup was slightly less glamorous than their first time around, though they particularly shined in their last match of Group B against the Brazilian finalists, Palmeiras. For the Ukrainians, on the other hand, their first experience in the tournament had been a bittersweet one, as they failed to win against Besiktas in their last match of Group A and thus lost the chance to play the final themselves. In this ranking game, they had a chance to take their revenge on the fellow countrymen of Besiktas, so the stage was truly set for an interesting match.

The first half saw both teams go at it with vigor, though many attempted plays were stifled by some less than sportsmanlike behavior. In fact, players on both sides were often stopped with some seemingly unnecessary fouls. Regardless, for this reason, the match lacked the amount of spectacle one might have expected. However, the team that appeared better organized and collected was Shakhtar Donetsk, as evidenced by the goal they scored at the 9th minute, when Svitiukha served an assist to Sudakov, who dribbled past two defenders and beat the keeper for the 1:0. Despite going under rather early, the Turks did not seem to manage to react accordingly, never really going close to tying the match. In the end, it was the Croatians who found another goal, at the 34th minute, this time with a great solo play by Veklenko, who freed himself of a few Turkish players and let off a great shot from outside the box and into the left hand side of the goal. The last chance of the half came at the 40th minute, again with Veklenko, but his shot was put over the crossbar with a great save by the Turkish keeper.

The second half was a completely different affair from the first - perhaps due to overconfidence on the Ukrainian’s part or maybe because the Turkish pride came to a full bloom. Fact is that everything changed, and quite quickly at that. It didn’t take more than three minutes before the Turks found the goal to reduce the deficit – Ozturk received a nice through ball down the right hand side, then he freed himself of some players to take a shot on goal and beat the keeper on the left hand side of the net. Galvanized by the goal, Altinordu pressed on and, nine minutes later, Solakli drove down the left hand side and crossed low into the middle of the box, where Senturk scored easily from up close. At this point the Turks took over control of the match, pressing high and creating chances left and right. However, they failed to find the third and potentially winning goal. In the last minutes, it was the Ukrainians who launched the last assaults on the Turkish fort, but they too were unable to punch through. When all was said and done, all that remained to decide it all was the penalty shootout.

Altinordu went up first to shoot with Kaya, who scored. Next up was Rudavskyi, who also scored. Senturk then scored off the left post, followed by Kobilyanskyi, who missed the target. Then Ozturk was stopped by the keeper, Puzankov, whereas Sudakov scored off the right post. The fourth penalty, taken by Selvi, was saved again, just as the next one taken by Kuliev was saved by Dagli. The last penalty of the first five, taken by Vural, was deflected by the keeper and ended up hitting the outer side of the right post. At this point, the Ukrainians needed to merely score the last penalty to win the match, which Abdulaiev transformed easily.

Match report CEE Cup 2019

CEE Cup 2019 - Ranking Games

FC Shakhtar Donetsk - Altinordu FK 2:2 AET (2:1, 2:2) 3:2 PSO

#15, 29.07.2019 17:00 | Prague, Sportovní areál Horní Měcholupy Stadium

Referee: Björn BEHRENS (DEU) 1st Assistant referee: Gergő MIHÁLYI (HUN)
2nd Assistant referee: Marvin SCHORIES (DEU) 4th Official: Alexander PERKIN (GBR)
FC Shakhtar Donetsk (3-4-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
12 GK Tymur PUZANKOV 04/03/2003
5 DF Mykhailo RUDAVSKYI 26/05/2001
4 DF Roman YAKUBA (c) 23/03/2001
3 DF Eduard KOZIK 19/04/2003
17 FW Artem VEKLENKO 26/03/2003
6 MF Illia HULKO 17/11/2002
16 MF Vladislav KOBILYANSKYI 02/01/2002 24'
22 DF Oleh CHUIKO 26/05/2004
21 MF Artem UMANETS 03/05/2002
10 MF Georgiy SUDAKOV 01/09/2002
9 FW Denys SVITIUKHA 08/02/2002
1 GK Mykyta TURBAIEVSKYI 12/03/2002
13 DF Mykyta KULALAIEV 01/03/2002
14 DF Dmytro AVDYEYEV 26/02/2002
15 DF Andrii BULEZA 25/01/2004
11 FW Abdulla ABDULAIEV 12/02/2002
2 MF Dmytro KAPINUS 28/04/2003
8 MF Eldar KULIIEV 24/03/2002
19 DF Ivan BENDERA 18/02/2003
20 MF Denys SHOSTAK 24/01/2003
18 MF Mykhailo KHROMEI 19/11/2003
Team staff
Andres Ruben CARRASCO CARRILLO (Head Coach)
Mykhailo STAROSTIAK (Assistant Coach)
Oleh SHEVCHENKO (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Oleksandr GAIVORONSKYI (Physiotherapist)
Roman VELICHKO (Physical Trainer)
Sergiy AVERIN (Physician)
Volodymyr FEDOROV (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
10 9'    
17 35'    
8 PSO Fail    
10 PSO Goal    
16 PSO Fail    
5 PSO Goal    
11 PSO Goal    
Out In Min.
21 11 41'
22 2 55'
19 17 56'
6 8 65'
Altinordu FK (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Mertcan DAĞLI  03/01/2001
5 DF Alperen SELVI 13/04/2001
3 MF Hüseyin SOLAKLI 01/01/2001
4 DF Rahmi Salih KAYA 21/05/2002 65'
2 DF Furkan METIN 10/05/2002
14 MF Ahmet Fatih UZUN 09/10/2002 40'
6 MF Muzaffer KOCAER (c) 25/07/2001
24 MF Mustafa KAYA 24/04/2001
18 FW Hakan ŞIMŞEK 12/05/2002
9 FW Enis DESTAN 15/06/2002 32'
19 FW Sabri Can VURAL 23/08/2001
12 GK Emir Bayram CAN 01/01/2002
8 MF Tayfun TATLI 23/03/2002
11 MF Tunahan ÖZTÜRK 13/01/2002
15 DF Anıl DOYURAN 10/03/2002
17 MF Alihan ŞENTÜRK 31/08/2002
Team staff
Sebahattin ÇAKAR (Head Coach)
Abdullah FILIK (Assistant Coach)
Kerem Hasan KESKIN (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Sinan BIÇER (Physical Trainer)
No. Min. No. Min.
11 44'    
17 55'    
19 PSO Fail    
5 PSO Fail    
11 PSO Fail    
17 PSO Goal    
4 PSO Goal    
Out In Min.
6 17 20'
9 11 41'
18 15 48'
3 8 62'

CEE Cup 2019 - Ranking Games

FC Shakhtar Donetsk - Altinordu FK 2:2 AET (2:1, 2:2) 3:2 PSO

#15, 29.07.2019 17:00 | Prague, Sportovní areál Horní Měcholupy Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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