Palmeiras win over Altinordu after an exciting and thrilling match

27.07.2019 19:30


The last match of Day 3, between the Brazilians and the Turks, marked the end of the group phase. Though Palmeiras had already secured their spot in the Final yesterday, this did not in any way signify that they would be going into the match with a lax attitude – to the contrary. For Altinordu, on the other hand, this was a possibility to test their skills against those of Brazilian football. Who would prevail between the two – the goal machine from Brazil or the disciplined and methodical players from Turkey?

The initial fifteen minutes of the first half saw Palmeiras retaining ball possession most of the time. In fact, it seemed that Altinordu would have a difficult time coming out of their own half. At the 13th minute, the Brazilians had their first real chance after a nice play saw one of their players find himself all alone in front of the goal, but the keeper was good in coming out and stopping the ball. Palmeiras tried to pierce through the defense a few more times, but then, all of a sudden, things changed and out of nowhere came Altinordu’s goal at the 16th minute - Solakli put a pass into the penalty area, where Kaya, all alone in front of the goal, netted the ball into the far right hand corner. Eight minutes later, the Turks would double their lead after another pass from the right hand side of the box found Hidayetoglu, who managed to score from up close - the match had certainly taken an incredible turn. It was not over yet, though, as Palmeiras immediately cut the disadvantage back to 1 goal a minute later, at the 25th minute, when Geilson’s shot was stopped by the keeper’s foot, the rebound finding Lucas Cordeiro, who scored an easy goal into an empty net - the match had all of sudden kicked into full gear for both teams.

In the second half, perhaps in an effort to turn things around, Palmeiras subbed in Fabricio, the tournament’s top goal scorer with 5 goals up to that point. However, Altinordu came back onto the pitch fully galvanized by their advantage and they thus tried to capitalize on their good moment. At the 53rd minute they came close to making a third goal after a player received a good ball outside the area, dribbled his way past two defenders and found himself in front of the goalie, but his shot was wanting and didn’t cause any trouble. One minute after, though, it was the Brazilians who manage to find their way to tying things up with a nice play initiated by Geilson, who passed the ball to Danilo, who in turn served the perfect assist to Tomas for the goal. Then things got a little more difficult for the Turks, at the 59th minute, when Hidayetoglu received his second yellow card and was sent off the pitch, leaving his team with 10 men. At this point, the Brazilians started pressing more to find the winning goal, but despite a few good plays here and there, they came up short. Then, at the 76th minute, Pedro Fabhiano was also sent off after getting his second yellow card of the match. However, the numerical equality lasted but a few minutes, as Akguney cut down Lucas Cordeiro from behind and received another yellow card at the 80th minute; from the resulting free kick, the Brazilians would find their third goal with Joao Felipe at the 81st minute, and three minutes later they managed to score their fourth and last goal after Vanderlan found Gabriel Goes inside the box with a nice assist.

In the end, Palmeiras did exactly as many expected and won all three games in their group, with 12 goals for and just 4 against. As for Altinordu, their own return to the CEE Cup wasn’t of the happiest ones, though they can be proud to have been probably the only team to have really given the Brazilians quite a scare with the threat of a loss.
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Match report CEE Cup 2019

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

SE Palmeiras - Altinordu FK 4:2 (1:2)

#12, 27.07.2019 17:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium

Referee: Alexander PERKIN (GBR) 1st Assistant referee: Björn BEHRENS (DEU)
2nd Assistant referee: Gábor BÜKI (HUN) 4th Official: Marvin SCHORIES (DEU)
SE Palmeiras (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
14 GK Mateus OLIVEIRA MENDES 02/05/2002
3 DF Guilherme DE JESUS MATOS 18/11/2001
13 DF Marcio Gleyson LEITE DA SILVA 07/07/2001
12 DF Pedro Fabhiano BORGES BOTELHO 25/03/2002 56', 76'
17 FW Rian Roberto DA SILVA SANTOS 24/05/2001
16 FW Gustavo Samuel PERALTA GIMENEZ 11/06/2001
5 MF Geilson CERQUEIRA ALMEIDA 15/06/2001
15 MF Danilo DOS SANTOS DE OLIVEIRA 29/04/2001
18 MF Marcelo José DE LIMA FILHO 11/12/2002
7 FW Lucas Cordeiro FERREIRA 11/06/2001
10 MF Tomás FERREIRA DIAS DE OLIVEIRA (c) 08/05/2000
1 GK Leandro Matheus DOS ANJOS CONCEIÇÃO OLIVEIRA 28/01/2001
2 DF Lucas Hian VALVERDE DE JESUS 11/01/2001
6 DF Vanderlan BARBOSA DA SILVA 07/09/2002
8 MF Gabriel Góes DA SILVA CAVALCANTI 08/05/2001
9 FW Fabricio DO NASCIMENTO BIATO 23/02/2001 69'
11 FW João Felipe ESTEVAM AGUIAR 24/06/2001
Team staff
Gilmey Aymberê BORGES (Head Coach)
Lucas Vinicius OLIVEIRA DO NASCIMENTO (Physical Trainer)
Paulo José GOMES PUCCINELLI (Physician)
Eduardo WANDERLEIZ BATISTA (Coordinator)
Guilherme MARTINEZ CAMARGO (Scout)
Nilton Mariano DOS SANTOS (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
7 26'    
10 54'    
8 80+2'    
8 80+5'    
Out In Min.
16 9 41'
17 2 52'
5 8 60'
18 11 75'
13 6 77'
Altinordu FK (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
12 GK Emir Bayram CAN 01/01/2002
5 DF Alperen SELVI 13/04/2001 66'
3 MF Hüseyin SOLAKLI 01/01/2001
4 DF Rahmi Salih KAYA 21/05/2002 80+3'
25 MF Ahmet Eren AKGÜNEY 01/01/2002 74',80'
14 MF Ahmet Fatih UZUN 09/10/2002
6 MF Muzaffer KOCAER (c) 25/07/2001
24 MF Mustafa KAYA 24/04/2001
7 FW Altar Han HIDAYETOĞLU 05/07/2001
19 FW Sabri Can VURAL 23/08/2001
21 MF Alihan ŞENTÜRK 31/08/2002
1 GK Mertcan DAĞLI  03/01/2001
8 MF Tayfun TATLI 23/03/2002
7 MF Tunahan ÖZTÜRK 13/01/2002 28',56'
9 FW Enis DESTAN 15/06/2002 56'
18 FW Hakan ŞIMŞEK 12/05/2002
Team staff
Sebahattin ÇAKAR (Head Coach)
Abdullah FILIK (Assistant Coach)
Kerem Hasan KESKIN (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Sinan BIÇER (Physical Trainer)
No. Min. No. Min.
24 16'    
7 24'    
Out In Min.
21 9 41'
24 8 66'
14 18 79'

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

SE Palmeiras - Altinordu FK 4:2 (1:2)

#12, 27.07.2019 17:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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