Slavia come out on top at the end of a slow paced match against Burnley

27.07.2019 17:30


After the burning defeat suffered yesterday at the hands of Palmeiras, Slavia Prague were sure to come in to their last match of Group B with the sole intent of securing the second place and thus the chance of going for the bronze. Burnley, on the other hand, were most probably hoping to close their return to the CEE Cup with a victory and, in so doing, maybe steal that second spot from the home team.

The first half did not really offer much in the way of excitement. In fact, both teams did not seem that motivated, the game appearing to be, for the most part, a simple training match. It wouldn’t be until the 11th minute before we got to see anything close to a chance, in the form of a shot from just outside the penalty area which was put out for a corner by the keeper. Sixteen minutes later, Slavia again tried with another shot from outside the box, but this was easily caught by the keeper. At the 28th minute, Burnley was awarded a corner kick, which was crossed to the far post, but the resulting header went directly out of bounds. Perhaps the clearest chance came two minutes later, when Eichler was served a nice assist, but his shot on goal was too central and the keeper put it over the crossbar without much difficulty. The last chance came at the 40th minute, when Burnley stole the ball at midfield, then served a through ball between the last two Slavia defenders and found Major, who entered the box heading for the goal but was stopped by the keeper as he tried to dribble past him.

The second half kept just about the same pace as the first, with the Brits and the Czechs simply sparring. The most exciting moment came at the 45th minute, when a wandering ball reached Kneifel who, all alone inside the penalty area, let off a well-placed shot that beat the keeper on the left hand side. The rest of the half saw a two teams that just didn’t really seem to get into the groove of the match, as they play half-heartedly, making many mistakes and never really creating any real chances. In fact, even the goal itself had come on a chance happening, but it was enough to give the Czechs the victory.

Slavia’s win over Burnley signified the chance to play the ranking game for the 3rd and 4th place against Dinamo Zagreb. Might not seem as much, especially if they look at their rivals, Sparta Prague, who will instead get to play the Final against Palmeiras. However, the possibility to bring the bronze home still carried its own prestige. As for the Brits, their return to the CEE Cup ended with two defeats and one tie, a meager result when compared to their 2017 experience, when they reached the all English final against Everton.
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Match report CEE Cup 2019

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

SK Slavia Praha - Burnley Football Club 1:0 (1:0)

#11, 27.07.2019 15:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium

Referee: Marvin SCHORIES (DEU) 1st Assistant referee: Gábor BÜKI (HUN)
2nd Assistant referee: Björn BEHRENS (DEU) 4th Official: Alexander PERKIN (GBR)
SK Slavia Praha (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
29 GK Jakub SUROVČÍK 28/06/2002
5 DF Jan WALTER 20/02/2001
16 FW Vojtěch ŠILHAN 21/05/2000
2 DF František MATYS 05/08/2002
4 DF Javier NERUDA 25/01/2002 53'
17 MF David EICHLER 25/03/2001
14 MF Jakub KŘIŠŤAN (c) 05/07/2002
8 MF Tomáš RIGO 03/07/2002
12 FW Denis ALIJAGIČ 10/04/2003
7 FW Adam TOULA 13/08/2002
10 FW Jonáš KNEIFEL 28/03/2002
1 GK Christian FÜLOP 06/03/2002
3 DF Tomáš HÁJEK 01/05/2002
6 MF Lukáš HRONÍK 07/01/2002
9 DF David ŠTĚTKA 14/07/2002
11 FW Jiří SLABYHOUD 11/10/2002
13 FW Matěj JURÁSEK 30/08/2003
15 MF Jakub KOPÁČEK 23/01/2002
18 FW Martin ŠUBERT 11/02/2002
19 DF Štěpán STARÝ 26/03/2002
20 FW Leo GAJDOŠÍK 10/09/2002
21 MF Jindřich NOVÁČEK 28/01/2002
Team staff
Pavel TRÁVNÍK (Head Coach)
Jan BAUER (Assistant Coach)
Petr KOSTELNÍK (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Pavel PĚKNÝ (Physiotherapist)
Vít HOVORKA (Physical Trainer)
Kamil MÁCHA (Executive)
No. Min. No. Min.
10 45'    
Out In Min.
2 9 41'
12 13 41'
8 6 55'
10 20 55'
4 3 56'
7 19 67'
17 18 78'
Burnley Football Club (4-4-2)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Harry ALLEN 01/11/2001
3 DF Fin ARMSTRONG 05/03/2003
5 DF Edon PRUTI 08/04/2002
6 DF Udoka CHIMA 01/02/2002
2 DF Kane PATTERSON 27/07/2002 15'
8 MF Ne-Jai TUCKER (c) 20/08/2002
11 MF Mackay MURRAY 01/10/2002 35'
4 MF Corey BRENNAN 14/11/2002
7 DF Joel CONNOLLY 19/11/2002
10 FW Jo MCGLYNN 27/09/2002
9 MF Jayden MAJOR 29/08/2002
12 GK Lewis THOMAS 08/02/2002
13 DF Jake ROONEY 22/08/2003
14 DF Jo CONLEY 13/02/2002
15 DF Matty CARSON 17/10/2002
16 DF Matty RAIN 11/10/2001
17 MF Rhys FENLON 02/11/2002
18 MF Dylan MOONAN 04/10/2002
19 MF Ben WOODS 27/09/2002
20 FW Tremaine EASTMOND 28/08/2003
21 FW Mitch GEORGE 19/10/2001
22 FW Michael MELLON 05/12/2003
Team staff
Tony PHILLISKIRK (Head Coach)
John TOWNSON (Assistant Coach)
Gage WALSH (Goalkeeper's Coach)
David MCCREA (Physiotherapist)
Adam YATES (Physical Trainer)
Shawn YOUNG (Performance Analyst)
Jon PEPPER (Executive)
Ellis LEE (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
Out In Min.
11 19 62'
2 17 62'
3 16 62'
5 14 62'
10 21 62'

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

SK Slavia Praha - Burnley Football Club 1:0 (1:0)

#11, 27.07.2019 15:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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