The rematch between Altinordu and Burnley ends in a simple tie

26.07.2019 19:45


After the earlier match which saw Palmeiras beat Slavia and accede to the final for the second year in a row, the last game of the day between Altinordu and Burnley became just a matter of pride. In fact, having lost their opening matches, both the Turks and the Brits would be wanting to win in order to get their first three points. However, there was also a score to settle between the two, as Burnley had defeated Altinordu with a 2:1 win back in 2017 on their way to the final.

It wasn't long after the start of the first half before we got to see the first goal. After picking up a rebound ball inside of Burnley's box, Kaya found the winning shot into the bottom left hand corner. Burnley tried to react to correct things, but they seemed to have difficulty getting up towards their opponent's goal. At the 13th minute they did develop an interesting play, barely missing tying the match as the ball flew past the left hand post. Three minutes later it was the Turks who came really close to doubling their advantage after a back and forth between attack and defense, but they were denied the goal by the right hand post. After the mandatory water break, the teams returned to the pitch but not much changed. Altinordu kept on controlling the tempo of the match, with the English seldom being able to cause any concern to the Turks' defense.

The second half saw Burnley come back on the pitch with a different attitude. The resolve was obviously to course correct the direction of the match, and no more than two minutes went by before they managed to do so. After being awarded a corner kick, the ball was placed to the far left post and headed in by Mellon. After that, the match pretty much toned down quite a bit - perhaps due to exhaustion brought on by the intense humid heat or maybe more just due to a lack of motivation. Fact is that the rest of the second half was played at a very low tempo and not much else worthy of note occurred. In the end the score would remain unchanged, with both teams seemingly content to walk away with a point each.

In the end, the last match of the day was a rather well balanced affair. Though the Turks were the first to strike after just three minutes, they were unable to increase their advantage and in the end the British were able to catch back up with them a mere two minutes after the start of the second half. Perhaps it wasn't the most exciting of games, but the spectators and fans can both be happy as they got to see one goal per half.
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Match report CEE Cup 2019

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

Altinordu FK - Burnley Football Club 1:1 (1:1)

#8, 26.07.2019 17:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium

Referee: Gergő MIHÁLYI (HUN) 1st Assistant referee: Gábor BÜKI (HUN)
2nd Assistant referee: Bogdan-Cosmin HOSSU (DNK) 4th Official: Björn BEHRENS (DEU)
Altinordu FK (4-3-3)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Mertcan DAĞLI  03/01/2001
5 DF Alperen SELVI 13/04/2001
15 DF Anıl DOYURAN 10/03/2002 12', 78'
4 DF Rahmi Salih KAYA 21/05/2002
2 DF Furkan METIN 10/05/2002
8 MF Tayfun TATLI 23/03/2002
6 MF Muzaffer KOCAER (c) 25/07/2001
24 MF Mustafa KAYA 24/04/2001
7 FW Altar Han HIDAYETOĞLU 05/07/2001
9 FW Enis DESTAN 15/06/2002 33'
11 MF Tunahan ÖZTÜRK 13/01/2002
12 GK Emir Bayram CAN 01/01/2002
3 MF Hüseyin SOLAKLI 01/01/2001
14 MF Ahmet Fatih UZUN 09/10/2002
17 MF Alihan ŞENTÜRK 31/08/2002
18 FW Hakan ŞIMŞEK 12/05/2002
19 FW Sabri Can VURAL 23/08/2001 76'
25 MF Ahmet Eren AKGÜNEY 01/01/2002
Team staff
Sebahattin ÇAKAR (Head Coach)
Abdullah FILIK (Assistant Coach)
Kerem Hasan KESKIN (Goalkeeper's Coach)
Sinan BIÇER (Physical Trainer)
No. Min. No. Min.
24 3'    
Out In Min.
8 17 49'
9 19 61'
24 14 68'
11 18 68'
Burnley Football Club (4-4-2)
No. Pos. Player DoB ŽK RC
1 GK Lewis THOMAS 08/02/2002
5 DF Matty CARSON 17/10/2002 43'
3 DF Matty RAIN 11/10/2001
6 DF Jo CONLEY (c) 13/02/2002
2 DF Jake ROONEY 22/08/2003
8 MF Ben WOODS 27/09/2002
11 FW Tremaine EASTMOND 28/08/2003
4 MF Dylan MOONAN 04/10/2002
7 MF Rhys FENLON 02/11/2002
9 FW Mitch GEORGE 19/10/2001 9'
10 FW Michael MELLON 05/12/2003
12 GK Harry ALLEN 01/11/2001
13 DF Kane PATTERSON 27/07/2002
14 DF Udoka CHIMA 01/02/2002
15 DF Edon PRUTI 08/04/2002 76'
16 DF Fin ARMSTRONG 05/03/2003
17 DF Joel CONNOLLY 19/11/2002
18 MF Ne-Jai TUCKER 20/08/2002
19 MF Mackay MURRAY 01/10/2002
20 MF Jayden MAJOR 29/08/2002
21 FW Jo MCGLYNN 27/09/2002
Team staff
Tony PHILLISKIRK (Head Coach)
John TOWNSON (Assistant Coach)
Gage WALSH (Goalkeeper's Coach)
David MCCREA (Physiotherapist)
Adam YATES (Physical Trainer)
Shawn YOUNG (Performance Analyst)
Jon PEPPER (Executive)
Ellis LEE (Other)
No. Min. No. Min.
10 42'    
Out In Min.
4 18 54'
10 21 62'
5 15 62'
2 13 67'

CEE Cup 2019 - Group Phase

Altinordu FK - Burnley Football Club 1:1 (1:1)

#8, 26.07.2019 17:30 | Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického Stadium


(C): Captain; HT: Half-time; FT: Full-time; ETHT: Extra time half time; AET: After extra time; PSO: Penalty shoot-out;

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