Promising players to keep an eye on at the 2019 CEE Cup

18.07.2019 17:35

Here are the young footballers we have chosen for you to observe at the CEE Cup 2019, though we are sure many other players will impress at Prague’s tournament.

Harry Allen

Burnley, 17-year-old goalkeeper

Berke Avaz

Besiktas, 17-year-old centre midfielder/offensive midfielder


Palmeiras, 18-year-old striker


Ahmet Gulay

Besiktas, 16-year-old left back

Tomas Hajek

Slavia, 17-year-old defensive midfielder

Altar Han Hidayetoglu

Altinordu, 18-year-old winger

Edin Julardzija

Dinamo Zagreb, 18-year-old offensive midfielder

Adam Karabec

Sparta, 16-year-old winger/offensive midfielder/forward


Bernard Karrica

Dinamo Zagreb, 18-year-old winger

Tymur Puzankov

Shakhtar, 16-year-old goalkeeper

Dominik Resetar

Dinamo Zagreb, 19-year-old striker

Heorhii Sudakov

Shakhtar Donetsk, 16-year-old centre midfielder

Stepan Stary

Slavia Prague, 17-year-old centre back/right back


Denys Shostak

Shakhtar Donetsk, 16-year-old centre-midfielder

Adam Toula

Slavia Prague, 17-year-old striker


Martin Vitik

Sparta Prague, 16-year-old centre back
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