Altinordu will return to compete at the 2019 CEE Cup edition

18.06.2019 19:00

The ambitious Turkish academy from Izmir will once again take part in the CEE Cup. The club has a famous reputation in Europe born from its nationalist determination to only employ Turkish players.

"In 2020 we want to be in Turkey’s top-flight and in 2023 which is both our country's and our club's 100th anniversary our aim is to represent Turkey in Europe",says Seyit Mehmet Özkan, the club's president.

In 2012, Özkan took over the fourth tier club, then managed to get it promoted to the third league, and now is currently trying its best to earn a spot in the Super League promotional'play-offs.

Although the other Turkish "giants" have typically used their monetary wealth to achieve success via foreign talents, Altinordu stands alone in its effort to cultivate its country's young talents.

"We take Bilbao as an example. We try to do just like they do, but for Turkish children. We want to show the whole world that Turkish children can also be very successful sportsmen", confirms Hasip Erturk, the academy's manager.

Altinordu U19 played twice in the Youth League but failed to qualify for the following season due to the 2-1 Super Cup loss against Galatasaray.

Altinordu at the CEE Cup 2017
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