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15.10.2018 18:00

The Welsh stopper is reported to be on the list of Arsenal reinforcements

Everton's central defender Ryan Astley, who took part in this year's edition of the CEE Cup, is beginning to gain the attention of the British media. The Guardian placed him among the Premier League clubs' 20 most promising talents, while in another list the Mirror writes about Arsenal's interest in the young Welsh player, whom excels in man-to-man duels and he's comfortable with the ball.

Although the 17-year-old footballer hasn't played in the most prestigious british competition yet, he may not have to wait too long for his debut. At the Toffees academy, the coaches made no secret of their satisfacton with his performance. When he was only sixteen, last March, he was given the opportunity to play with the U23 team, and the coach David Unsworth couldn't help but compliment the promising stopper.

"Since I've been a coach here, I can't remember a sixteen-year-old player so good in the fundamentals. I think he was the best player on the pitch. a totally brilliant performance", said Unsworth, who played with Everton's kit in the Premier League.

Astley isn't the first player from the CEE Cup who was ranked among the top 20 talents of Guardian's English first league clubs. Last year, there were three players in the ranking, which we had seen shortly before in Prague, namely Burnley's forward Michael Fowler, Everton's midfielder Anthony Gordon and the Czech stopper Lukáš Hušek from Leicester.

The Welsh stopper is reported to be on the list of Arsenal reinforcements